wedding baking adventures

in the past couple of years, i’ve actually made cupcakes (and a cake) for a few different weddings.  it first started with my friend, tammy when we made cupcakes and a cake for her future sister in law’s wedding.

Kat's wedding 3

we made over 160 cupcakes and a 9 inch rose case. half the cupcakes were vanilla/white cupcakes and there other half were one of my favorites, oreo cupcakes. they were all topped with vanilla bean american buttercream. tammy also found the super cute flower decorations on etsy. they really dressed up the cupcakes to make them perfect for kat’s black/white themed wedding.

Kat's wedding 2

the cake was a white cake also with vanilla bean buttercream. we used the rose frosting technique that i learned on i am baker to decorate and frost the cake. for our first attempt, we thought it turned out pretty good. yay! it was made even better with the ‘love’ topper that they added.

Kat's wedding 1

i also made cupcakes for my dear friends, david and patrick’s wedding. i made 9 dozen cupcakes.


half were peanut butter cup chocolate cupcakes (these chocolate cupcakes with this fluffy peanut butter frosting).



mango strawberry cupcakes

mango strawberry cupcakes 18

when trying to figure out what kind of cupcakes to make for july birthday treats, i asked one of our july birthdays if he had any preferences. he voted for fruity over chocolate, so i started to think of some ideas. since it’s been very, very hot in dc this past few days i wanted to make a cupcake that was refreshing and light.

mango strawberry cupcakes 14

tropical flavors came to mind – how about mango and strawberry! ding ding ding! they would be the perfect flavors for a summertime cupcake.

mango strawberry cupcakes 12

so i made a vanilla cupcake with strawberry filling, topped with a mango swiss meringue buttercream, lastly decorated with a mango drizzle and a strawberry slice.

mango strawberry cupcakes 14

they were a hit this past week with my coworkers, one even proclaiming it to be his favorite! yay! i’m so glad that these cupcakes were a success.

mango strawberry cupcakes 16


whole wheat pupcakes with peanut butter frosting

pupcakes 8

pua’s birthday is actually in october, but i am clearly behind on posting so it’s only going up now.  whoops!  but i am glad i was able to post it before her next birthday though. gotta celebrate the small successes. haha.

pupcakes 10

for pua’s first birthday, i also make her pupcakes – they were apple and cheddar flavored. she definitely loved those, but i wanted to try a new recipe for her second birthday.

pupcakes 9

i combined two recipes and came up with these whole wheat pupcakes with peanut butter frosting. i knew pua would love the peanut butter flavor of these pupcakes, because peanut butter is one of her absolute favorite treats. sure enough, after we sang happy birthday to her, she was ready to dig in.

pupcakes 12

she even licked her plate, making sure to get every last bit of the pupcake and frosting.

pupcakes 11 (more…)

cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes

cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes 12one of my coworkers is super talented and makes all kind of fun cupcakes.  she made these and posted a picture on instagram and i was immediately intrigued.  i knew i had to give them a try as soon as possible.

cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes 10so for birthday treats a few months back, i made these cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes.  i love how they incorporate and highlight one of my favorite childhood cereals.  plus cinnamon and sugar is such a classic combination – how could you go wrong.

cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes 13this is a cinnamon sugar swirl cupcake, topped with cinnamon toast crunch cream cheese frosting.  i mean, common!  for the cinnamon sugar swirl cupcake, i used the same cupcake base as my snickerdoodle cupcake.

cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes 7 (more…)

gender reveal hostess cupcakes

gender reveal cupcakes 15i can’t believe it has almost been a year since i’ve posted on miki’s kitchen!  i am so sorry for being away for so long.  lots has been going on and i am excited to share with you some exciting news!

Announcementchris and i are so so so excited!  it has definitely been a whirlwind of craziness getting ready for our new addition from trying to figure out daycare, doctors, pregnancy, and more.  fortunately, my pregnancy has been quite calm and worry free.  fingers crossed it stays that way.  well on friday, i had my 20 week ultrasound.  can i just say how incredible technology is.  it’s was absolutely amazing seeing the baby and watching them move.  insane!  the baby is doing well and growing on pace.  phew!  we also found out the gender of the baby.  in true miki’s kitchen fashion, i wanted to make gender reveal cupcakes.

gender reveal cupcakes 14i did a search online and found a plethora of different kinds of gender reveal cupcakes and decided on these hostess inspired gender reveal cupcakes.  i loved the simplicity and just thought they were super cute.  plus i have already made homemade hostess cupcakes before, so i knew they would be a winner in the taste department.  alright, so it’s the moment of truth… is it a boy or a girl?