browned butter blueberry muffins

blueberry muffins 17

i finally found it!  the absolute best blueberry muffin recipe in the world.  i’ve tried a couple blueberry muffins recipes before – this one and this lemon one.  but they didn’t quite cut it.

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joy the baker came up with this glorious recipe and put it in her first cookbook.  i bought it several months ago but for some strange reason failed to make anything from it.  then one day as i was perusing my cookbook collection,  i came across this recipe.  i just love browned butter, so i figured browned butter blueberry muffins had to be good.

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and they absolutely were.  it’s a tender, buttery muffin studded with juicy blueberries topped with a to-die-for crumb topping.  just amazing.  i implore you to make these next time you have some fresh (or frozen) blueberries.  you’ll be so glad you did!

start by browning the butter in small saucepan.  just melt the butter over medium heat.

blueberry muffins 1

it’ll take a little while but you’ll start to hear it crackling.  watch it carefully because once it starts to brown it can burn really quickly.  you’ll see little brown bits and the liquid will become tan.  you’ll also start to smell the sweet, toasted, caramely scent of browned butter – one of my most favorite smells ever.  once the butter is browned, transfer it to a small bowl.  if you keep it in the pan, it will likely burn from the residual heat.

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blueberry crumb bars

this past week, chris, pua, and i went up to maine for the fourth of july week.  i just love going to maine to visit chris’ family – especially our nieces and nephew.  they are just the cutest.  as usual, i made some treats to bring up: peanut butter chocolate chip shortbread cookies, lilikoi (passion fruit) bars, and these blueberry crumb bars.

the recipe is actually very similar to the peach crumb bars i made a couple years ago.  those peach bars were amazing so i knew that these blueberry bars were going to be good.  boy did they live up to my expectations.  they were blueberry-y and lemon-y, which is perfect for the summer time.

since the base recipe for these bars work so well for both peaches and blueberries, i think i’m going to try them with some other berries, maybe strawberries or raspberries.  yum.

these blueberry crumb bars come together quickly since the crust and the topping are the same.  awesome!  oh and one last note, i accidentally forgot to put the egg in the crust/crumb mixture.  oops!  still it turned out fine and you couldn’t tell that i messed up the recipe.  i love forgiving recipes like this.

the crust/crumb mixture is easiest to make in a food processor (but don’t worry if you don’t have one, just use a large bowl and pastry cutter and spoon and it’ll be all good).  add the flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder in the bowl of your food processor.  pulse a couple times to mix it all together.

then add the lemon zest and salt.  again pulse to combine.

next add the butter – make sure it’s cold and cubed, along with the egg (as you can see i forgot the egg.  uh oh!)

pulse until the butter and egg gets incoporated into the flour/sugar mixture and it looks crumby.

pour half the crust/crumb mixture into a parchment paper lined 9×13 baking pan.

using your fingers/hands, press down the mixture so that it forms an even crust.

now on to the blueberry part.

mix the sugar, lemon juice, and cornstarch in a medium bowl.

then add the blueberries…

and mix until all the blueberries are covered with the lemon/sugar/cornstarch mixture.  pour the blueberries evenly over the crust.

sprinkle the remaining crust/crumb mixture evenly over the blueberries.

bake the blueberry crumb bars at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes.

once the bars are done baking allow them to cool completely.  i let them sit out at room temperature until they were cool to touch and then put them in the fridge overnight.  it makes it much easier to cut if the bars are nice and cold.


after i cut up the blueberry crumb bars, i put them in cupcake liners to make them easier to pack.  it also made it a ton easier to serve when we were in maine and ready to gobble them up.

other than accidentally leaving out the egg, i didn’t make any changes to the original recipe so i’m sending you over to smitten kitchen for the recipe.


blueberry muffin baked oatmeal

last week, work was insane in the membrane.  it was the first week of classes for our students so we were busy with schedule adjustment questions.  one thing, well besides some awesome coworkers/friends and chris, that got me through last week was this blueberry muffin baked oatmeal.

i’ve made a few other baked oatmeal recipes before – banana nut, apple cinnamon, and pumpkin, but this one may be my favorite.  it makes sense that it’s at the top of my list because it was inspired by my favorite blueberry muffin recipe.  this baked oatmeal is full of plump blueberries and then topped with a delicious streusel crumb topping that makes it extra special.

i had this for breakfast every day last week and i didn’t get sick of it by the end of the week.  it was a yummy and actually pretty healthy treat each morning and it kept me full and satisfied until lunch time.  so i had plenty of energy to help our students which was exactly what i needed.  perfecto!

just like the other baked oatmeal recipes, mix up the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet in another.  pour the wet ingredients into the bowl of the dry ingredients and mix until combined.  then fold in the blueberry and pour in a greased 8 x 8 inch pan.

then mix the streusel crumb topping ingredients in a small bowl with a fork until it’s nice and crumbly.  sprinkle the topping evenly over the oatmeal mixture.

bake at 350 degrees f for 30-35 minutes or until the oatmeal is golden brown and set.

time to eat!


blueberry cheesecake cupcakes (olympics cupcakes)

i cannot tell you just how much i love the olympics.  from the opening ceremony to all of the games (especially gymnastics, swimming, and driving).  i love it all!

so it was super duper excited when the letters and sciences spirit committee decided to organize an olympics celebration in our office.  everyone dressed up in usa colors and played wii, enjoying some snacks and sweets, and more.  it was awesome.  we have the best office ever!

when i was trying to figure out what kind of cupcakes to make, i had a hard time figuring it out.  i recently made  peanut butter cookie chocolate cupcakes (recipe coming soon!) so i knew i didn’t want to make a chocolate cupcake.  since cheesecake cupcakes (strawberry, caramel apple, lime) are usually a hit, i decided to make blueberry cheesecake cupcakes using some blueberries that i bought at the umd farmers market.

this is a white cupcake with a graham cracker crust, filled with fresh blueberry filling, topped with cream cheese frosting.  it was pretty darn good if i do say so myself.  😉  for the cupcake toppers, i found an awesome free printable online.  i just printed it on cardstock, cut them out, and taped a toothpick on to each one.  super easy!  i love all of the different designs.

i’ve made cheesecake cupcakes a few times before, so i’m sure you guys know the drill, but just in case… here it is again.  first start off by making the blueberry filling.  just combine frozen or fresh blueberries, lemon juice, sugar and cornstarch in a small saucepan.


while the blueberry filling is chilling (hey that rhymes! haha), make the white cupcakes with the graham cracker crust.  i just used cake mix but you could use your favorite white cake recipe instead.  next, fill each cupcake with the blueberry filling.

repeat until all the cupcakes are filled with blueberries.

finally, frost the cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

if you want to make them extra special and turn them into olympics cupcakes – top each cupcake with an olympics cupcake topper.  yay, they’re done!!!


blueberry lemon muffins

it’s summer time!!!

if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that my favorite time of the year is spring and summer time because i absolutely love berries.  all kinds of berries from strawberries to blueberries to raspberries.   so during the summer when they are in season i do everything i can to use as many berries i can in different kinds of recipes.

so i made these blueberry lemon muffins!  i’ve made blueberry muffins before and they were absolutely delicious, but i really like the freshness the lemons add to these muffins.  they are full of juicy blueberries and lots of lemon zest and then my favorite part is the crunchy sugary topping.  amazing!

to make these muffins, start by baking up the muffins.  it’s a very simple, easy recipe.

then you’re going to dunk the top of each muffin, first in a mixture of lemon juice and melted butter…

and then into some sugar which creates a lovely crunchy crust on top of the muffin.

repeat with the rest of the muffins and then you’re all done!

i didn’t really change anything from the original recipe so check out the girl who ate everything for the recipe