blueberry lemon muffins

it’s summer time!!!

if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that my favorite time of the year is spring and summer time because i absolutely love berries.  all kinds of berries from strawberries to blueberries to raspberries.   so during the summer when they are in season i do everything i can to use as many berries i can in different kinds of recipes.

so i made these blueberry lemon muffins!  i’ve made blueberry muffins before and they were absolutely delicious, but i really like the freshness the lemons add to these muffins.  they are full of juicy blueberries and lots of lemon zest and then my favorite part is the crunchy sugary topping.  amazing!

to make these muffins, start by baking up the muffins.  it’s a very simple, easy recipe.

then you’re going to dunk the top of each muffin, first in a mixture of lemon juice and melted butter…

and then into some sugar which creates a lovely crunchy crust on top of the muffin.

repeat with the rest of the muffins and then you’re all done!

i didn’t really change anything from the original recipe so check out the girl who ate everything for the recipe

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