chocolate & peanut butter chip cookies

pb chocolate cookies 16

i first made a version of these cookies years ago – remember these chocolate peanut butter cup cookies?  pretty awesome photography, huh?  haha, sad days with my old phone that took terrible pictures.  anyway…

pb chocolate cookies 18

with the peanut butter cups, the cookies were just a bit too sweet. so i made some adjustments and came up with this version. believe me, it is sooooo much better. chris agrees too – it’s now one of his favorite cookies.

pb chocolate cookies 15

the mixture of peanut butter chips and semi sweet chocolate chips provide a much better balance than the peanut butter cups did.

pb chocolate cookies 9

another reason these cookies are great is that they are almost brownie like – soft and kind of chewy, since they are soft baked. yum!

pb chocolate cookies 17


chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies

no bake cookies 9i made these chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies for chris’ birthday last year and then again just a couple months ago.  it’s no surprise that he requested these cookies because it combines his two faves – chocolate and peanut butter.

no bake cookies 8i’m surprised that i don’t make these more often, considering that it is one of chris’ favorite types of cookies (his other favorites are these big fat chocolate chip cookies & chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies).  plus they are really easy and you don’t have to heat up the apartment turning on the oven, which is a definite plus in this summer heat.

no bake cookies 10these no bake cookies are made on the stove with a mixture of all kind of goodies – peanut butter, butter, cocoa powder, and of course the main ingredient quick cooking oats.  the first time i made them i used just quick cooking oats, but the second time i ran out and used half quick cooking and half traditional.  they were equally good as the first batch, so i figure – just use whatever kind of oats you have on hand and you’ll be good to go!

start my combining the sugar, butter, milk and cocoa powder in a medium saucepan.

no bake cookies 1 (more…)

gender reveal hostess cupcakes

gender reveal cupcakes 15i can’t believe it has almost been a year since i’ve posted on miki’s kitchen!  i am so sorry for being away for so long.  lots has been going on and i am excited to share with you some exciting news!

Announcementchris and i are so so so excited!  it has definitely been a whirlwind of craziness getting ready for our new addition from trying to figure out daycare, doctors, pregnancy, and more.  fortunately, my pregnancy has been quite calm and worry free.  fingers crossed it stays that way.  well on friday, i had my 20 week ultrasound.  can i just say how incredible technology is.  it’s was absolutely amazing seeing the baby and watching them move.  insane!  the baby is doing well and growing on pace.  phew!  we also found out the gender of the baby.  in true miki’s kitchen fashion, i wanted to make gender reveal cupcakes.

gender reveal cupcakes 14i did a search online and found a plethora of different kinds of gender reveal cupcakes and decided on these hostess inspired gender reveal cupcakes.  i loved the simplicity and just thought they were super cute.  plus i have already made homemade hostess cupcakes before, so i knew they would be a winner in the taste department.  alright, so it’s the moment of truth… is it a boy or a girl?


thin mint cupcakes

i can’t believe it’s been more than 3 years since i’ve last made a dessert with thin mints considering it is one of my favorite girl scout cookies.  every year, chris’ nieces sell us girl scout cookies but none of them made it into desserts.  they are just too good on their own.

but after making those thin mint truffles, i found out that you can magically make them even better.

a few weeks ago, chris and i went to maine to visit with his family and we were able to pick up our girl scout cookie order.  we ordered a ton of thin mints and then chris’ mom shared a few more boxes of thin mints with us, so we had about 5 or 6 boxes on our hands.  i immediately thought that it would be awesome to make a batch of thin mint cupcakes with our abundance of thin mints.


strawberry chocolate cupcakes

most times when i post cupcake recipes on my blog or post pictures on facebook, i made those cupcakes for my office.  we have monthly birthday treats, holiday parties, end of the semester celebrations, appreciation days, etc.  this equals a lot of cupcakes for my coworkers.  but unfortunately, i don’t bake all that often for chris’ coworkers.  so whenever he askes me to make something, i am quick to say yes.

chris held a training session a few months ago and asked if i could make cupcakes for their volunteers.  he didn’t have a preference on what kind he wanted so i had free range to come up with a flavor combination.  chocolate is chris’ favorite kind of cupcake so i knew i wanted to use that as a base.  since it was summer, i thought something fruity or berry would be nice.  then it came to me, why not make strawberry chocolate cupcakes!  actually, i was surprised i hadn’t already made them before.

i started with my new favorite chocolate cake recipe – you know the one i used for the irish car bomb and elmo cupcakes.

then i whipped up a batch of fresh strawberry swiss meringue buttercream.  this stuff tastes just like strawberry ice cream.  it’s divine.