chocolate nutella cookies

along with the soft frosted sugar cookies, i brought a batch of these chocolate nutella cookies with me to denver to share with our family friends.  these are super simple cookies that have the perfect amount of chocolate and nutella flavor.  they are  also soft, kind of chewy cookies and actually very easy to make.

oh a couple notes, i didn’t have any hazelnut extract in my pantry but i think i’m going to pick some up next time that i plan on making these cookies – it would have definitely helped the nutella flavor be a bit stronger.  also i used natural cocoa powder instead of the dutch processed called for in the original recipe and it worked fine.  enjoy!


1 ingredient banana ice cream

ice cream made with just 1 ingredient?!?!?  crazy right!  but it’s true.  the proof is right here:


was made from this…

this banana ice cream is just frozen bananas chopped up in a food processor.  easy as that!  it’s so bizarre how the food processor can turn frozen bananas into creamy, healthy banana ice cream.  it really does have the same consistency of ice cream and tastes just as good too.  amazing!


plus you can add in extra flavors to make this banana ice cream even better.  i added nutella which was delicious.  other add-in could be cocoa powder, honey, peanut butter, etc.