red velvet whoopie pies 2.0

i know this is a little belated, but unfortunately due to our snow days last week we had to push our office’s valentine’s day celebrations back a week.  so yesterday the spirit committee brought in a variety of valentine’s day themed treats to celebrate valentine’s day and february birthdays.

i actually made these same heart shaped red velvet whoopie pies a few years ago.  but i wanted to do a new post because i think these look quite a bit better than my first go at it.  i think the big difference was the size of the tip i used.  the first time, the tip was just a medium round tip.  with this batch, i used a large round tip which made it much easier to pipe the batter out and allowed the cookies of the whoopie pie to be fluffier and smoother.

although i love the bright red color of these whoopie pies, i know that the red dye is not good for you.  so i was thinking of trying these out a third time to see if there is a way to decrease or even eliminate the use of artificial food coloring.  i’ll be sure to update the blog if with a new recipe as soon as i figure one out.  until then, pin this recipe for next year’s valentine’s day celebrations. ❤

another reason i wanted to do a new post of these red velvet whoopie pies is because this time i took step by step pictures.  i really think they are helpful – i love looking at them on other blogs so i figured i should include them here.

the first step is to trace hearts onto parchment paper.  this will give you a guideline to follow as you pipe out the batter.  here is a pdf of the Hearts i used.  just space 12 evenly on a piece of parchment paper that fits nicely in your baking sheet.  the flip the parchment paper over so that the side that you wrote on is on the bottom.

on to the batter.  mix the flour, baking powder, salt, and cocoa powder in a medium bowl.


red velvet cupcakes

red velvet cupcakes 6the last time i attempted to make red velvet cupcakes from scratch, it did not go well.  the first batch that i made i forgot to add the sugar.  how can you forget to add sugar to cupcakes?  i don’t know!  but i did and the cupcakes ended up being absolutely disgusting.  on try number 2, the cupcakes had sugar but they ended up being terribly oily.  so oily that the cupcakes just felt like an oily sponge.  definitely not good.  i finally gave up and just went back to the grocery store and picked up a box of red velvet cake mix.  fortunately, they came out fine.  but the experience scarred for life and haven’t tried to make red velvet cupcakes from scratch since then.

red velvet cupcakes 4until today.  tomorrow we will be having birthday treats for my office (and chris’ too!) and red velvet and funfetti cupcakes were requested.  since a couple years have passed i decided that it was time to conquer my fear of making red velvet cupcakes.  i found a recipe for red velvet cupcakes on annie’s eats.

red velvet cupcakes 8if you follow my blog, you know that she’s one of my favorites.  she got this recipe from another blogger who tested out a few different red velvet recipes and this is the one that she decided was the best.  i figured that was reason enough to trust that these red velvet cupcakes would work.

and drum roll please…

red velvet cupcakes 7it worked!  i finally made red velvet cupcakes from scratch.  phew!  it was a such a relief that they turned out.  but believe me, i did have a box of red velvet cake mix on hand just in case they turned out terrible.  fortunately, i didn’t need to use it. 🙂  the cupcakes are delicious and it reminded me why red velvet is one of my favorite cupcake flavors.  these cupcakes have just the slightest cocoa flavor and paired with the rich cream cheese frosting, it’s simply amazing!

these are actually pretty easy to make, i don’t understand why i had so much trouble with the other recipe.  either way, first start out by mixing the dry ingredients together…

red velvet 1then mix up the wet…

red velvet 3including a whole bottle of red food coloring (yikes!)…

red velvet 2

next add the dry ingredients to the wet…

red velvet 4mix it up and then the batter is ready!

red velvet 5now fill your lined cupcake cups with the batter, about 2/3 full. (be sure to fill them a bit more than they are in the picture – the second time i made these, i filled each one closer to 2/3 – 3/4 full and got beautiful domes on each cupcake)

red velvet 6bake at 350 degrees F for 18 minutes…

red velvet cupcakes 1finally, allow the cupcakes to cool completely.

red velvet cupcakes 2now whip up some cream cheese frosting.  i have to say, cream cheese frosting is my absolute favorite – i’m excited!

red velvet cupcakes 3frost the cupcakes as you prefer.  i used a large star tip and pipe a luscious swirl of frosting onto each cupcake.

red velvet cupcakes 5and they are now ready to bring to work for september birthday treats.

happy birthday to our september birthdays!!!!

* 6/4/15 – updated with a few new pictures


red velvet whoopie pies

since tomorrow is valentine’s day, i made red velvet whoopie pies.  i found a wonderful recipe on annie’s eats and she made them heart shaped, perfect for valentine’s day.  they weren’t too hard to make and i think they turned out pretty cute.

happy valentine’s day!!!


red velvet cake balls

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this year for holiday gifts for some of my friends, i made a few different kinds of baked goods.  one was red velvet cake balls.  when i first saw a recipe for cake balls i thought it was kind of weird and was bit nervous they would turn out.  but everyone loves them on blogs, recipe website, etc. so i figured it would be worth a try… well everyone was right!  they are really good.  plus they are super easy to make which is even better!

also i randomly found a candy dipper in an awesome little kitchen store in maine.  it made making the cake balls sooo much easier.  there is a picture included in the slide show and if you plan on making cake calls, oreo balls, truffles, etc. this would be a great tool to have in your kitchen.  plus it was only $2.99!  awesome!

i also included a picture of my handy dandy mini ice cream scoop which i use for everything from cookies to meatball.  but it was the perfect size for these cake balls and made it so much easier to form uniformed balls.