peach and blueberry crumble

this past weekend while chris and i were at costco, there were some really nice peaches that were fairly inexpensive.  we had been meaning to go peach picking but unfortunately it didn’t happen for one reason or another.  but i was in the mood for some peaches so we picked a bunch up.  for a few days they were just perfect as is – i had them for breakfast, for dessert, with lunch.  i ate quite a few peaches.

but then one morning, i went to get a peach to cut up for lunch and they started getting mushy – noooo!  i was so sad, until i realized that chris had recently asked me if i could make peach and blueberry crumble sometime.  well this would be a great way to use up the peaches.  i found an awesome recipe from ina – it’s definitely been an ina week.  it was a simple, straight forward recipe and we already had all the ingredients we needed.  yay!

i made a peach and raspberry crumble earlier this summer and this recipe is very similar.  however, i definitely like the peach and blueberry combination more than the peach and raspberry.  i think it’s because the raspberries were a little too tart.  but on the other hand the other crumble was too sweet, so i’m not sure…. either way i cut down the amount of sugar that was in the original ina recipe.  also this time we served it with vanilla ice cream instead of whipped cream and it was divine.

the recipe is pretty simple and straightforward.  first, peel and slice the peaches (click here for instructions on how to peel peaches) and mix in the rest of the filling ingredients…


next make the crumble and sprinkle it onto the fruit mixture and bake for 40-45 minutes… then all pau! time to eat!



peach crumb bars

we just got back from maine. it was an absolutely wonderful trip.  we spent time with chris’ family, went swimming at lake george with the kids and drove up to lincoln and yesterday got to see a couple good friends. plus it was just so nice to get out of the city and spend some time without city noise, just birds and trees and the best dog ever, bailey!

after a long drive back, we got some sleep and fortunately i still have a day off to relax, get back in the groove of being at home, unpack, etc.  but before we left for maine i made a batch of peach crumb bars to bring up with us with the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  we still had a few white peaches left after we made the peach and raspberry crumble and i thought these bars would be the perfect way to use them up. 

they turned out great!  not too sweet and had a lovely fresh peach flavor.  i’ll definitely be making these again.  oh and actually this recipe can easily be adapted for other fruits like blueberries, raspberries and more.  maybe i’ll make some blueberry crumb bars next… yum!




peach and raspberry crumble

last weekend, chris and i went out to charlottesville, va for a day trip.  he wanted to check out monticello and i just had never been to charlottesville so i wanted to check it out.  although we weren’t able to see much of monticello because it was $22 a person to go on the tour and to even just walk up the trail just to look at the outside of the house (!?!?!?!?), we did find a wonderful orchard.  they had beautiful peaches and nectarines.

we picked some up and i made a peach and raspberry crumble.

i used a combination of a couple recipes and i think it turned out pretty good.  the filling recipe is from ina garten and the crumble topping is actually my dad’s from his banana crumble recipe.  it was a little too sweet but still really yummy.

oh and i learned something new by making this recipe.  i had never peeled peaches before.  i really just thought that you used a regular peeler but nope.  you have to blanch them first and then the skin easily peels off.  amazing!



and then voila!  a nicely peeled peach…

now on to the rest of the crumble…