about me


25 fun facts about me!

  1. my name is miki
  2. i’m from hawaii
  3. i live in colorado
  4. i love to bake
  5. my favorite color is yellow
  6. during the work week, i am an academic advisor.  i love my job – though it would be amazing to somehow combine advising with baking.  umm…
  7. i watch A LOT of food network – in fact before food network was part of basic cable, my parents actually subscribed to it (rather than the normal hbo or showtime) – this is how much my family loves food
  8. i also watch a lot of reality tv – don’t judge 😉
  9. i love my family
  10. i love my friends
  11. i love my 2 favorite guys – my husband and son
  12. i would love to go to culinary school one day
  13. my favorite dessert is ice cream and i eat it all year long, even during the winter
  14. i can’t live without coffee and diet coke
  15. i am having a hard time coming up with more fun facts
  16. oh, i really want to get a dog
  17. i love making lists
  18. i am an istj
  19. my favorite friday night activity is going to dinner and a movie with my friend tammy
  20. i have a collection of over 80 paul frank shirts plus a ton of other paul frank stuff like a shower curtain, rug, key chains, snow globe, alarm clock and more
  21. my favorite music artists are jack johnson, jason mraz, and colbie caillat
  22. i miss hawaii beaches
  23. i’ll usually pick vanilla flavored desserts over chocolate ones – please don’t hate me!
  24. we have a dog named lani.  she is the cutest cocker spaniel poodle ever!
  25. i show my love for others with food  ❤
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