individual banana pudding cups

banana pudding cups 11a while back, chris asked me to make some treats for his coworkers.  since i make a lot of treats for mine, i didn’t hesistate for a second saying “of course!”  now the fun part – what should i make?  my coworkers expect me to bring cupcakes, so making treats for chris is a good opportunity for me to try out different recipes.  i definitely have made cupcakes for him before, but i’ve also made blueberry crumb bars as well as these individual banana pudding cups.
banana pudding cups 12i absolutely love banana pudding and thought it would be a nice, cool treat for chris to share with his coworkers.  but it’s not so portable and would be a mess to serve to a crowd.  so i thought of making them into little individual serving cups.  they worked out perfectly!  chris was able to easily transport them on the metro and he reported back that they were easy to serve and share.  success!

banana pudding cups 13don’t you love those beautiful layers?  i just think they are so pretty.  these individual banana pudding cups would make the perfect summer time treat.  i used my light banana pudding recipe, which is not as heavy and decadent as regular banana pudding.  so they would be nice and refreshing on a warm, sunny day.  i hope you give them a try!


biscoff banana baked oatmeal

baked oatmeal is probably one of my favorite breakfast foods.  okay well maybe that’s a lie but it’s one of my favorite healthier breakfast foods.  my favorite is definitely a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich.  now that is good stuff.  but you certainly cannot eat that every day.  oh no siree.  but whole grains and fruit are healthy and that’s where this baked oatmeal comes in.

the problem is i took the oats and fruit and made it kind of not healthy again with biscoff.  oops!  but can you blame me?  biscoff is amazing.  crushed cookies turned into a spread just can’t be bad.

for this baked oatmeal i combined biscoff and bananas.  biscoff and bananas are a match made in heaven.  that is exactly what this biscoff baked oatmeal is… heaven.  it is based on my go to baked oatmeal recipe but then it turned up a notch with a biscoff crumb topping.  oh my goodness there are no words.

if you’re looking for a wannabee healthy breakfast that has a ton of flavor and will make you feel like you’re eating dessert for breakfast but you’re actually eating whole grain and fruits then you should absolutely make this biscoff banana baked oatmeal.  whoa longest sentence ever.  see how excited i am about this oatmeal, i can’t even write.   oh dear.

first, combine the oats, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon in a large bowl.

in another bowl, mix together the biscoff, milk, applesauce, egg, vanilla, and bananas.

it takes a little while for everything to come together, but it does eventually – just keep mixing.

pour the wet ingredients over the dry and mix to combine.

pour into a greased or parchment paper lined 8 x 8 pan.

on to the biscoff crumb topping, put all of the ingredients in medium bowl.

using a pastry blender or a fork, cut the butter and spread into the flour/sugar mixture until the topping is nice and crumbly.

sprinkle the crumb topping over the oatmeal mixture into an even layer.

bake at 350 degrees f for 30-35 minutes or until the oatmeal is set.

serve warm.


banana pudding

there are times that i just get obsessed with a certain food.  recently, i have been obsessed with these outshine fruit bars.  they are so good!  my favorite flavors are strawberry and peach.  but i’ve had everything from mango to pineapple and more.  i eat at least one every day either as a snack or for dessert.  especially with the warm weather we’ve been having they are perfectly refreshing with real fruit pieces and juice in every bite.

anyway, i could go on and on about how much i love these fruit bars but i love outshine fruit bars just about as much as i love this banana pudding.   chris and i both love this stuff.  the first time i made it we went through the whole pan in about a week.  then the week after, i made another one!  it took us only about a week and a half to get through the second pan.  that’s a lot of banana pudding in a short amount of time.  i just love the combination of nilla wafers, bananas, and vanilla pudding/cool whip.

fortunately, this banana pudding isn’t terribly unhealthy or else we would be in a lot of trouble eating sooo much of it.  other banana pudding recipes that i’ve tried before call for sweetened condensed milk, sour cream, and even cream cheese.  i found it to be way too heavy and sweet.

instead, i keep it simple and relatively healthy using just sugar free vanilla pudding, light cool whip, and skim milk.  although you can find reduced fat nilla wafers, i prefer the regular ones.  the reduced fat ones are just a bit too cardboard-y for my liking.  if this is the only indulgence in this recipe, i think it’s okay.

i also love that banana pudding is super duper easy to make and you don’t need to turn on the oven.  on the hot summer days, no-bake desserts are the best!

just start by making the pudding and cool whip mixture – combine 2 boxes of instant vanilla pudding with 3 cups of milk.

after mixing thoroughly, allow the pudding to sit for 5 minutes.  once the pudding is set, add 1 tub of light cool whip.

gently fold the cool whip into the pudding mixture until they are combined.  (don’t mind the lumps in the pudding.  i didn’t mix the pudding long enough to get them all out.  oops!  so be sure to mix your pudding real good so that it’s nice and smooth.  oh but if you do end up with lumps like i did, it’s okay because i didn’t notice them once the banana pudding was ready to eat.)

next slice up a few bananas.

now set aside a handful of nilla wafers.  you’re going to use these to garnish the top of the pudding.

now it’s time to assemble the banana pudding.  start by arranging 1/2 the box of nilla wafers in an even layer on the bottom of a baking pan or dish.

next layer half of the banana slices goes over the nilla wafers.

pour 1/2 of the pudding and cool whip mixture over the bananas.  spread into an even layer.

repeat these three layers with the remaining wafers, bananas, and pudding mixture. nilla wafers…


and the pudding and cool whip mixture.

now crumble up your reserved nilla wafers and sprinkle them on top of the pudding.

cover the pudding with plastic wrap and now this is the hard part, the waiting part – you need to allow the banana pudding to chill at least overnight.

finally, all of the flavors have had time to meld together and the wafers are nice and soft.  it’s time to eat!


banana split cupcakes

i first saw these banana split cupcakes on annie’s eats a while ago.  they looked divine and i couldn’t wait to try them out.  but then i pinned them and then just couldn’t figure out the right occasion to make them.  finally a couple months ago i made these banana split cupcakes for our office’s birthday treats.

i  did made a couple changes to the recipe to make it a little easier.  first, i made the cupcake part with cake mix instead of from scratch (you know i love me some cake mix) and then i just used recipes that i already had on hand for the vanilla buttercream and ganache.

so this cupcake is a banana cupcake with strawberry and pineapple filling, topped with vanilla buttercream, ganache, sprinkles and a cherry.  don’t they look like cute little ice cream sundaes?

(now pretend that there is a picture of the inside of the cupcake like i normally post.  haha.  oops!)

all in all they turned out pretty good but i will say that there are a lot of flavors going on in this cupcake and you can’t really taste everything.  but then thinking more about it, there are a lot of flavors going on in a banana split so i supposed this is to be expected.  either way though, definitely give this banana split recipe a try – one of my coworkers said that is her favorite cupcake that i’ve made yet.  yay!

start by mixing up the banana cake batter – it’s just vanilla or white cake mix doctored up with bananas.

then bake the loverly cupcakes…

once they are nice and cool, core each cupcake using the cone method.

now fill it with strawberry filling first…

and then some crushed pineapple.

now frost the cupcakes with vanilla buttercream – just used the fluffy vanilla american buttercream recipe i’ve used before.

then pour a little ganache on each cupcake to make it look like fudge sauce on an ice cream sundae.  also top each with a maraschino cherry.

last but not least, sprinkle each cupcake with some colorful sprinkles.



banana nut baked oatmeal

one sunday, i was trying to figure out what i could make to bring to work for breakfast.  looking around the kitchen i found a couple super ripe bananas, but i didn’t really know what to do with them.  finally after a bit of thinking i came up with the idea to make baked oatmeal with the bananas.  perfect!

i started off using the recipe for the apple cinnamon baked oatmeal that i made a while ago.  but of course instead of apples, i used the bananas.  then adjusted a couple of the ingredients, for example using a smidge less cinnamon.  while it was baking, it filled the kitchen up with the lovely scent of banana bread.  i knew this was a good sign and then once it was done and i took a taste, i was so excited that it tasted just like banana bread too.

but the best part is… it’s healthy and it’s easy to make!  so it’s totally okay to have some of this “banana bread” for breakfast.  full of lots of healthy oats, some protein from the nuts and some fruit from the bananas and applesauce.  win!  i’ve already made this banana nut baked oatmeal twice and chris loves it too.  yay!!!!!

let’s get started.  mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and then the wet ingredients in another.  then pour the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry and mix it all together.

pour it into a 8×8 baking pan and sprinkle the reserved walnuts over the oatmeal.

bake it for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees F.

and it’s all done!  we keep the baked oatmeal in the fridge and eat it throughout the week heating it up in the microwave.  it’s a great easy and filling breakfast.  hope you like it too!!!