wedding baking adventures

in the past couple of years, i’ve actually made cupcakes (and a cake) for a few different weddings.  it first started with my friend, tammy when we made cupcakes and a cake for her future sister in law’s wedding.

Kat's wedding 3

we made over 160 cupcakes and a 9 inch rose case. half the cupcakes were vanilla/white cupcakes and there other half were one of my favorites, oreo cupcakes. they were all topped with vanilla bean american buttercream. tammy also found the super cute flower decorations on etsy. they really dressed up the cupcakes to make them perfect for kat’s black/white themed wedding.

Kat's wedding 2

the cake was a white cake also with vanilla bean buttercream. we used the rose frosting technique that i learned on i am baker to decorate and frost the cake. for our first attempt, we thought it turned out pretty good. yay! it was made even better with the ‘love’ topper that they added.

Kat's wedding 1

i also made cupcakes for my dear friends, david and patrick’s wedding. i made 9 dozen cupcakes.


half were peanut butter cup chocolate cupcakes (these chocolate cupcakes with this fluffy peanut butter frosting).


the rest were the same oreo cupcakes we made for kat’s wedding.


the cupcakes were part of a beautiful dessert table that david and patrick set up. our mutual friend’s mom also made a plethora of other desserts including biscotti, brownies, fruit cups and more.


we displayed the cupcakes on several different cupcake stands. like this one..


and this one…


everything was beautiful!


most recently tammy and i took on another wedding baking adventure and made over 250 cupcakes for our good friend, nikki’s wedding. this isn’t even all of the cupcakes!


we made some strawberry cupcakes – a white cupcake, filled with strawberry filling topped with vanilla buttercream, that we tinted coral. nikki’s wedding colors were coral and navy blue.


we also made nutella cupcakes – a chocolate cupcake filled with nutella, also frosted with vanilla buttercream.  i used the same rose frosting technique used for the rose cake, but i used a 2D tip instead of the 1M.  i found that the 2D makes for a bit nicer, fancier flowers/petals.


i just love how nikki displayed the cupcakes. instead of traditional centerpieces she made mini cupcake stands and decorated the stands with fresh flowers.

imagegorgeous right?!  i also love the lace liners that nikki found. they made the cupcakes look so pretty!


tammy and i also made nikki a rose cake – just like kat’s, but this one was a chocolate cake filled with nutella.


it has been so much fun baking cupcakes and cakes for our friends’ weddings. it is quite a privilege to be trusted with a component of their big day. i also love baking with tammy – i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, we make a good baking team!

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  1. Julie

     /  August 7, 2015

    Miki, you make the most beautiful edible treats! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Miki! I just nominated you for a Liebster award, here’s my post about it:


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