strawberry limeade

when life gives you lemons… make lemonade.  similarly when life (or costco) gives you a monstrous bag of limes, make limeade.  🙂  a few weeks ago i made this strawberry limeade because i had a ton of limes left over from making the lime cheesecake cupcakes.  can i tell you, this is the perfect way to use up some extra limes you have… or possibly even good enough to go out and buy some limes just so you can make this strawberry limeade.

it has the perfect balance of tartness from the limes and sweetness from the strawberries.  the only thing that i didn’t love about the limeade, was the bits of strawberry throughout the drink so i think next time i made this, i’m going to strain it.  still it was super refreshing and would be amazing on a nice sunny day.  oh and you know what would make it even better?  maybe adding some tequila?  strawberry + lime + tequila = summer deliciousness!  yum!

to start, cut up some strawberries and puree them.


then squeeze lots and lots of limes until you get about 1 cup of lime juice.


pour the strawberry puree and lime juice in a pitcher.  add the sugar and mix.  (oh and i actually used some splenda instead.  it worked wonderfully!)  finally, add the water and mix.

now it’s time to enjoy your awesome homemade strawberry limeade!

for this wonderful recipe, please visit two peas and their pod.