pumpkin granola

so a few weekends ago, i did a bunch of baking.  the last thing on the list was this pumpkin granola.  everything had been going well, until …

i tasted the finished granola.

it was salty.


salty granola is no good.  what is wrong with this recipe?!?!?!

well, there was nothing wrong with the recipe – i just completely forgot to add in the brown sugar called for in the recipe.

brain fart.

i didn’t know what to do with my salty granola though.  throw it away?  no that would be a complete waste.  so i decided to improvise.

i added some dried cranberries and drizzled on some white chocolate.

though it helped a little bit it still wasn’t right.  since i added even more stuff to the granola i really couldn’t just throw it away.  so i added a little brown sugar to the granola when i ate it for breakfast in the morning.

it was much better but i can’t wait to try to make the actual recipe again because even with my screw up the granola was still tasty – a subtle pumpkin flavor, lots of warm pumpkin pie spices and the awesome crunch from the nuts and granola clusters.  it’s also easy to make and this granola doesn’t have added oil which makes it a lovely, healthy breakfast or snack!

this granola starts by mixing up pumpkin puree, apple sauce, maple sugar, vanilla extract and don’t forget the brown sugar!

in another bowl mix together the rolled oats and spices.

then mix them together.


now spread the pumpkin oat mixture onto a baking pan and bake it at 325 degrees F for 45-50 minutes stirring once at the half way point.

then i added some chopped almonds but you can add any kind of nut you would prefer.  you can also add in dried fruit like cranberries or raisins.

i like to eat my granola with milk like regular cereal or sprinkled on some yogurt.  it’s also great plain for a healthy afternoon snack.