apple pie 2.0

about a year ago, i tried to make homemade apple pie.  i used chris’ mom’s recipe and somehow destroyed it.  look at how sad and burnt it is…

our oven in our old apartment was completely wackadoodle and it burnt the pie.  i also screwed up the crust because i was making the crust in a hot kitchen, which is a definitely no-no.  so anyway, it was a mess and didn’t work out too well.

but since we still have a lot more apples (and we bought even more this weekend – oops!) i figured, why not take one more stab at making some homemade apple pie.  well, though it turned out better it still wasn’t perfect.


even though the oven in our new apartment is a bit better, it still managed to get the topping of the pie much to dark – almost burnt.  sad panda.  fortunately, the rest turned out pretty good.

but i have now come to the conclusion that apple pie making should be left to chris’ mom who makes the most perfect apple pie.  fingers crossed we’ll have some at thanksgiving this year.   i’m excited!



for the recipe, please visit my original post on apple pie.  thanks!

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  1. I’m just about to make my own first apple pie! Also going to do the crumble topping…hoping it comes out a nice as yours.

    • awesome! the crumble topping is my favorite part of the pie 🙂 i’m sure it will turn out great!

  2. 🙂 How about adding a dash of chocolate syrup on top of the pie??

  1. apple pie cupcakes « miki's kitchen

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