soft frosted sugar cookies

as much as i love living in dc, it definitely is hard being so far way from home.  because it’s so far (and expensive) i usually only see my parents once a year.  but guest what?

i’m going to see my parents tomorrow!  i’m so so excited!  i haven’t seen them since christmas/new year’s and we’ll all be meeting up in colorado to also see my awesome uncle, aunty and cousins, plus some of our amazing family friends.  oh my goodness i can’t wait!

well something that i took away from living in hawaii is that whenever you go somewhere you have to bring something.  in hawaii we call it omiyage – it’s a tradition when you go somewhere you bring a small gift like cookies or snacks from home and then you bring the same kinds of gifts or treats from wherever you went for family or close friends at home.

so i was trying to think of something dc or maryland-ish that i can bring to colorado for my family and friends.  but i couldn’t really think of anything that would transport well.  at home it’s so easy to think of things to bring, you know big island candies, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, etc.  but maryland crabs just don’t seem to travel as well.

i finally came to the conclusion that i should make something instead.  it would definitely be more fun and a bit more personal instead of just picking stuff up.  but then what should i make?  decisions, decisions.  i remember i saw a recipe on annie’s eats for soft frosted sugar cookies and thought those would be perfect.  i also recently found a recipe for nutella cookies that i may be making tonight, but we’ll see.   but back to the sugar cookies – these are just like those super sweet, yummy sugar cookies that you can buy at the grocery store.  you know, these…

(image from

but they are even better because they are homemade!  i hope everyone likes them.  oh and i wrapped them up individually because it’s hard to stack or pack them otherwise since the frosting causes them to stick to each other.  be sure to let the frosting dry a bit (i left mine to dry overnight) before packing them up.

the cookie dough recipe is pretty standard – you know, a lot of butter and sugar.  yum!  but you do have to plan ahead a little bit because the dough has to chill for at least an hour.

now it’s time to decide how big you want your cookies.  for large cookies, scoop out a scant 1/4 cup.  for smaller cookies, scoop out 1 tablespoon.  i made smaller cookies because i needed them to fit in the little plastic bags i had.


then bake them just until very lightly brown on the edges.  in fact, mine were only brown on the bottom of the cookie.  for large cookies, bake 10-11 minutes and for smaller cookies bake 8 minutes.

now it’s the fun part!  frosting and decorating the cookies.  these would be perfect for holidays because you could easily decorate them for halloween with orange and black frosting, for christmas with red, green and white frosting, etc.  since these weren’t for a specific occasion i just picked teal, yellow, and pink and also decorated them with some rainbow sprinkles that i had on hand.


beware, if you’re making smaller cookies this recipe makes a ton!  i had 2 full baking sheets of these cookies.  if you’re making larger ones, the original recipe said that it makes about 2 dozen.