whoopie pies

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last week my coworker and i were talking and he told me that apparently whoopie pies are going to be the new cupcake.  what!?!?!  i love cupcakes.  but you know what… i love whoopie pies too! 

i actually hadn’t ever heard of whoopie pies until i went to maine with chris.  whoopie pies are all over maine and they have all different kinds.  chocolate and peanut butter, the classic chocolate and vanilla filling, and red velvet ones.  yummy! 

the last time that i made whoopie pies they were red velvet and heart shaped.  this time i decided to go back to basics and made the classic chocolate marshmallow whoopie pies.  i think they turned out pretty good but i have to figure out a way to make the cookies more uniformed.  many of them were ovals and just kind of funny shaped.  oops!  oh and this recipe made a million… okay well maybe not a million but a whole lot of whoopie pies.  i think i just made mine a little smaller than they were supposed to be, but i actual prefer this size because i think it would a little too much if they were any bigger.  so i don’t know… oh well.

i’ll be bringing these to work tomorrow for our potluck.  we’ll see if my coworkers agree that whoopie pies are the new cupcake or if i’ll get any requests to just bring cupcakes next time. 



baked creamy chicken taquitos

i first saw this recipe a while ago on our best bites but i didn’t really think too much about them.  but then i saw them on blog after blog and it consistently got rave reviews.  so i decided to try out these baked creamy chicken taquitos for a potluck that we’re having tomorrow at work and for dinner tonight.  well all the blogs were right!  these are the most flavorful taquitos i’ve ever had.  i hope everyone at work likes them too!