strawberry pocket pies

today my boyfriend (well i guess he’s now my fiance!) and i went strawberry picking out in virigina.  it was so much fun picking tons and tons of berries.  plus these strawberries are just so much more flavorful than store bought ones that are unnaturally large and perfectly shaped.  the farm was beautiful and i can’t wait to go back to pick other fruits.  they said there will be peaches, apples, and some other fruits coming soon.  yay!

anyway, back to the beautiful strawberries that we picked today… we will be eating most of them fresh but i did want to try out a new recipe with them.  my mom sent me this awesome heart shaped pocket pie mold that i wanted to use.  perfect!

i couldn’t wait to use it to make strawberry pocket pies.  the mold was awesome, it worked like a cookie cutter to ensure the pie crust the perfect shape, plus it helped you press the pie crusts together to make the absolute cutest little pocket pie.  amazing!

first i made the crust and the strawberry filling…

after letting the crust rest and chill and the filling cool down for 2 hours, i rolled out the dough, cut out the heart shaped pie crusts and started assembling the pockets…


then they were ready to freeze for 30 minutes then bake for 15-20 minutes…


all pau!

aren’t they adorable!  i especially love the little heart shaped vent.  plus this pocket pie is soooo good.  the crust is light and flaky and the filling is pure strawberry goodness.  enjoy!