raspberry muffins

i really like blueberry muffins so i figured why not to try to make muffins with other kinds of berries.  so, i tried a new blueberry muffin recipe but instead of using blueberries, i just used raspberries instead.  although they were good, i still think i like blueberry muffins much more.  i think all of the raspberry seeds get in the way of just enjoying the muffins.  also, raspberries don’t burst the same lovely way blueberries do.  oh well, i guess you can’t win them all…

oh a random, but potentially helpful side note:  i didn’t have any sour cream on hand but i did have some vanilla yogurt.  i figured i could make a straight up substitution since i used sour cream instead of yogurt for the lemon yogurt (or sour cream) cake.  but i did some research online just to make sure and did you know you also had to add 1 tsp of baking soda when you substitute yogurt for sour cream?  i surely didn’t.  yay for the internet saving my raspberry muffins!