nutella cupcakes 2.0

chocolate and hazelnuts.  what an amazing combination.  no wonder nutella and ferrero rocher are soooo amazingly delicious.

so it totally makes sense to turn these wonderful  treats into cupcakes right?  only, the last time i made nutella cupcakes was a hot mess!  the cupcake was awful and the nutella frosting was good but still not just right.  well i got some nutella on sale and thought i would give this another try.  i decided to make just a regular chocolate cupcake with nutella buttercream, topped with a ferrero rocher chocolate.

so much chocolatey hazelnutty goodness!  this cupcake is much much better than the last nutella cupcake fail.  though, the buttercream almost didn’t quite work out.  i was planning on just using my fluffy peanut butter frosting recipe but with nutella instead of peanut butter.  but somehow i got the measurements for the butter and nutella mixed up (i guess this is what happens when you start making cupcakes at 10:00 p.m., oops!).  so then i just kind of had to wing it.  i adapted it to be more like my go to vanilla buttercream and it thankfully turned out pretty good.  hallelujah!

to make these cupcakes, first start out with your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe.  i used this one

then make a batch of hazelnut buttercream and pipe it onto the cupcakes…

finally top each cupcake with a ferrero rocher chocolate…

and voila, nutella cupcakes!