bbq chicken & bacon pizza

since getting the kitchen aid, we’ve definitely been ordering pizza less often since now we can just make our own.   but i usually just make regular pizza with tomato sauce, turkey pepperoni, etc.  so earlier this week i tried to recreate one of our favorite papa john’s pizzas, the bbq chicken and bacon pizza.  yum!  i used my trusty pizza dough recipe to make some dough and topped the pizza with bbq sauce, mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, chicken, and bacon.  though it didn’t taste exactly like the papa john’s pizza it was a really nice alternative to regular pizza.

we made one bbq chicken and bacon pizza and made another with our usual toppings:  tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, onions, and turkey pepperoni.

oh and i’ve adjusted the pizza dough recipe a little bit since i first started using it.  i found that it’s much better if you take a little more time to knead the dough and to let it rest/rise for a just a short time as well.  also it’s much better to halve the dough and form them into 2 circle pizzas instead of just pressing all the dough onto a sheet pan, like i did the first time.  the crust tastes much better this way.  enjoy!


white chocolate lime cookies

last week when my brother and i went grocery shopping for ingredients for our luau, we over estimated how many limes we would need for the shoyu lime shrimp.  so i was left with quite a few limes that i didn’t really know what to do with.

i searched online and found a recipe for white chocolate lime cookies.  i already had everything the recipe called for, so i thought it would the perfect way to use up some of our limes.  fortunately, they turned out really nice.  just enough lime flavor without being over powering and it reminds me so much of spring.  hopefully this will help spring come soon.  i’m ready for some sunshine.  until then i’ll enjoy these white chocolate lime cookies and pretend it is nice and warm outside.  🙂

this is a very simple cookie recipe, similar to making regular ol’ chocolate chip cookies.  just make the dough…

then scoop the cookie dough onto cookie sheets and bake for 10-12 minutes.  when you first take them out of the oven they will be a little puffy.  but don’t worry, after cooling for 3 minutes, they de-puff.

and voila!  perfectly crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle white chocolate lime cookies!  plus, i love the little green flecks of lime zest.


cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread

a few weeks ago i found this recipe for cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread on an amazing blog called joy the baker.  joy, the author of the blog makes beautiful food and her posts are super cute and witty.  anyway, her pull apart bread looked absolutely delicious so i saved the recipe and i finally had some time to make it this weekend.  it is very similar to making cinnamon rolls but it’s just shaped a different way.  also, i love that this recipe uses brown butter.  i’ve actually never made brown butter until today but it’s simply amazing.  the butter becomes sweet and nutty and is totally different than regular melted butter.  yum.

oh and just as a heads up, this is a bit of a process. i was planning on eating this for breakfast but it wasn’t done until lunch time.  it’s okay though because it was well worth the wait.  it reminds me a lot of monkey bread and i love the chewy, sugary edges.  enjoy!

step 1: make the dough…

step 2: while the dough is rising, make the brown butter…

step 3:  roll out the dough and brush the brown butter onto the dough.  then sprinkle on all of the cinnamon and sugar filling…

step 4: cut the dough into 6 equal strips (i accidentally cut 7, oops) and then stack the strips one on top of the other.  cut the stack of strips into six stacks of six squares.

step 5: stack up the squares into the loaf pan and let it rise for 30-45 minutes.  then bake for 30-35 minutes.  (mine looks more like a snake instead of the pretty square stacks like joy the baker’s pull apart bread.  hopefully it will work better next time)

step 6: eat!


cinnamon raisin scones

the afternoon i made a bunch of scones and biscuits because we had some heavy cream that i wanted to use up.  first i made cinnamon raisin scones.  i used the basic scone recipe that i’ve used before to make blueberry scones and adapted the recipe to make them with cinnamon and raisins.  i also sprinkled the scones with a cinnamon and sugar mixture which created a really nice sugary crust on the top of the scone.  yummy!

i baked one of the cinnamon raisin scones to try it out and then i froze the rest of it for later.  i also made chocolate chip scones and cream biscuits to freeze along with the cinnamon raisin scones.

we now have a freezer full of scones and biscuits for quick breakfasts and dinners.  yay!


double chocolate cake balls

before my brother, reyn left to go back to new york he made some amazing double chocolate cake balls to bring back with him.  they were like the red velvet cake balls i made before but instead he used chocolate cake and chocolate icing.  he then coated the cake balls with vanilla flavored almond bark.  wow!  what a great combination.  they are super yummy and my boyfriend actually preferred these over the red velvet ones.  they are definitely chocolate-y since they have both chocolate cake and frosting, but they aren’t overwhelmingly chocolate-y.  great job reyn!!!