baked curry puffs

yesterday i had a craving for indian food.  unfortunately, there aren’t any indian places that i know of around my apartment so i decided to try to make some samosas.  i found a recipe a while ago that had pretty common ingredients rather than indian spices that i don’t have in my kitchen.  i also came across a pastry/dough recipe on aarti paarti, the blog of my favorite next food network star, aarti sequeira.  so i combined them and made samosas… only it didn’t really work out as well as i had hoped.  they didn’t really taste like any samosa i’ve had at an indian restaurant and instead they reminded me more of curry puffs that you would get a thai restaurant (though after looking online there isn’t a huge difference between the two, um… ).  i think it’s because i made a quite a few substitutions.  since i was making this randomly on a weeknight after work, i didn’t have a chance to go to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients called for in the recipe.  i only had a couple really small potatoes and i added some ground beef.  also,  i didn’t have buttermilk so i used skim milk & lemon juice which made the dough wetter than it should have been.  i think that’s why the dough was a bit harder to work with (so my samosas turned out quite misshapen) and they didn’t brown as nicely as aarti’s did.  i also didn’t have any ingredients to make a sauce so i just used sweet chili sauce that i had in the fridge.  oh well, they were tasty but not really what i was hoping for.   i guess it’s just a good excuse to go out to an indian restaurant sometime soon.  🙂

i think i’m going to try them again with the actual ingredients called for in the recipes and maybe even go shopping for some indian spices.  i’ll repost hopefully with successful samosas.  until then check out the recipes i used, hopefully you will have better luck with them than i did: filling and pastry.