cookies & creme cupcakes 2.0

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tomorrow is our office’s february birthday celebration!  there is only one person in our office whose birthday is in february.  so he got to decide what kind of cupcakes we will be having this month.  he likes oreos so i made cookies & creme cupcakes.  i actually made cookies & creme cupcakes before, but this is a new recipe and i actually like this one a lot better.  i hope everyone else at the office agrees.

happy birthday to our february birthday!!!


bacon cheddar scones

to go along with our bbq ribs, i made bacon cheddar scones.  i’ve wanted to make cheddar biscuits for a while now and then i came across this recipe.  cheese and bacon!  yum!  plus everything tastes better with bacon right?  they turned out pretty good, even though i only used about half the bacon that it called for.  oh well.  i definitely would only make this for a special occasion because they have lots of cheese, butter, and bacon… definitely not healthy.  but the scone was surprisingly light and moist (eww, i still don’t like that word, haha) and definitely a great treat.  enjoy!


bbq ribs

for the superbowl, we weren’t able to go to any parties or anything like that because my boyfriend had a bunch of reading and homework to do, but we still made a special dinner for the superbowl.  we made bbq ribs and cheddar and bacon scones.  the ribs were absolutely amazing.  they were super easy to make.  plus they were tender and falling off the bones.  delicious!!!


bagel (or pretzel) dogs 2.0

last time i made bagel or pretzel dogs they totally deflated and looked really funny.  sad day.  well i tried to make them again this weekend to freeze and save for quick weeknight dinners.  the semester has just begun but it’s already been crazy so i’ve been trying to figure out good meals that i can make over the weekend, freeze, and then on weeknights just quickly heat up and eat for dinner.  i’m hoping this keeps us from just going out to dinner because we’re too tired to make something once we come home.  fortunately, the new technique that i tried worked perfectly and they turned out great.  i used the same dough recipe as last time but didn’t half it like before.  only the recipe is for 12 hot dogs but only 10 come in a package.  it’s okay though because i just made some pretzels and pretzel bites with the extra dough.  yummy!