gyoza (japanese dumplings)

i haven’t made gyoza (japanese dumplings) before because at home they are widely available and frozen gyoza is fairly inexpensive.  well being on the mainland it’s a bit harder to find and definitely more expensive.  so when david asked if we could have some local food for lunch, i thought this would be a great chance to try to make gyoza.  i am so glad that i tried it out because i found that it is much easier to make than i thought.  i’ll definitely be making these for a potluck and maybe even freezing them for a nice weeknight dinner.

first make the filling…

then form the gyoza…

repeat 39 times… all pau!

now time to cook the gyoza…



homemade gyoza wrappers

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when i was trying to figure out what to make for today’s lunch, i found a few recipes for gyoza or japanese dumplings.  one of the recipes was on a blog that also had a link to instructions on how to make your own gyoza or won ton wrappers.  i’ve always bought them from the store but i was definitely excited to try to make them myself, especially because you can’t always find wrappers at the grocery store on the mainland.  although it does take time, it isn’t really very hard and the taste and texture is much better than store bought wrappers.


chinese chicken salad

one of david’s requests was chinese chicken salad.  it’s definitely one of my favorites too.  david first had chinese chicken salad when he came home to hawaii with me for new years back when we were in college.   it was such a fun trip. we walked to see the lava coming out of the volcano, played with fireworks, and more.  he also got to try all of the crazy food that we eat in hawaii.  haha.  that’s actually what inspired the menu for today’s lunch.  he said that he wanted to have some of the local food he had when he was in hawaii.  so i made this, fried rice with spam, and gyoza which i’ll post about next…


classic cheesecake

today my friends, david and patrick came over for lunch.  for dessert i made cheesecake.  everything was going so well but when i took the cheesecake out of the water bath, i found that the foil didn’t protect the cheesecake from the water and water seeped into the cheesecake.  it made the crust a little soggy 😦   definitely not something i wanted to serve my friends.  i had remembered seeing cheesecake pops on a few other blogs and thought that would be a good solution.  so i decided try to do that.  again, it was going well until i started dipping the balls into the chocolate.  the graham cracker crumbs got into the chocolate making it clumpy and gross.  they were tasted good but certainly didn’t look pretty.  oh well… if you’re looking for a very good classic cheesecake, you should definitely try out this recipe.