light whole wheat brioche buns 3.0

tonight i made another batch of light whole wheat brioche buns for sandwiches this week.  i think this is our favorite bun recipe despite how terrible they turned out the first time.  each time i make them they are a little different but i think i am slowly perfecting the recipe.  this time, the tops were a bit darker than i would have liked but they were prettier than before.  again, they were fluffy and delicious!

plus, there really is nothing better than fresh baked bread. 🙂


chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

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after a week away for vacation, i definitely missed baking.  fortunately, tomorrow we have a birthday celebration at work so i got to make some cupcakes.  this month i made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.  i used the same recipe for the buttercream that i did with the fresh strawberry buttercream minus the strawberry puree.  turned out great!  definitely important to use good vanilla though.  i just decorated them with a little melted chocolate.  they looked a little boring without it.

hope everyone likes them!  happy birthday to our october birthdays!