chocolate chip sour cream coffee cake

yesterday a couple of my good friends came over to make brunch.  after a some delicious steak, eggs, biscuits, and asparagus we also made cinnamon chocolate chip sour cream coffee cake.  so so yummy!!!  if you’re looking for an amazing coffee cake recipe, you should definitely try this one.

it was so much fun cooking with friends and i would highly suggest it as a super fun way to spend a saturday or sunday rather than spending a ton of money for brunch at a restaurant.  🙂




portuguese sweet bread hot dog buns

my boyfriend asked if i could make him some hot dog buns this weekend.  we typically buy potato rolls which are sweet, dense rolls.  so i tried to find a recipe that would replicate potato rolls.  i decided to make a recipe of portuguese sweet bread and just shape them into rolls.  they turned out great!

the buns were a bit darker than i would have liked but with all of the sugar on the dough, it’s expected.  we’ll be trying them out today for lunch.  yum!

UPDATE: we just had hot dogs for lunch and sadly the buns didn’t work out as great as i had hoped.  they were a bit too crumbly and fell apart when we put the hot dogs in.  sad day.  the buns did taste good though.  i think they would be better as hamburger buns or dinner rolls instead.  i guess we’ll be using these for sandwiches this week, while i continue to search for a better hot dog bun recipe.


whole wheat english muffins

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for breakfast this week, i made whole wheat english muffins.  for some reason i thought they were much more difficult to make than they actually are.  i am so glad that they are easy because fresh, homemade english muffins are so much better than store bought english muffins.  you can really taste the difference.

a lot of other recipes that i looked at required you to cook them on the stove top in a pan or on a griddle but i don’t really have that much patience.  so i was excited when i found this one that said that you can just pop them in the oven.  it worked great!