lessons on strawberry buttercream

this past week, a coworker asked if i could make cupcakes for an upcoming party that she was having.  always excited to have a reason to make cupcakes, of course i said yes.  she asked if i could make white cupcakes with strawberry buttercream and peanut butter cup cupcakes.  easy peasy, since i’ve already made these before… or so i thought.  the peanut butter cupcakes were fine, but the fresh strawberry buttercream was kind of a disaster.  i made it the same way that i did last time but for some reason the strawberries freaked out and the buttercream separated because of all of the juice that was coming out of the strawberries.  i read about this online but since i didn’t have this problem the last time, i thought it didn’t actually happen.  wrong!  here’s what it looked like:

yuck!  so i made another batch and made sure to grate the strawberries a bit finer and also strained the strawberries so a lot of the juice came out before i mixed it into the buttercream (so if you decide to make fresh strawberry buttercream, make sure to do this). it seemed to all work out in the end, but let me tell you, this was quite an adventure.  here’s how all of the cupcakes came out:


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  1. my buttercream recipe uses the pureed strawberries as the “wet” part of the mixture, so I can’t see something like this happening to mine.. very weird though!

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