halloween cupcakes

i know, i know, halloween is a long time ago.  thanksgiving already happened and it’s almost christmas.  eek.  i’m so behind in posting, but i figured i would still posted this because you can just pin it for next year.  see now i’m totally ahead of the game.  a full 10 months ahead of the game.  go me!

it took me a while to figure out what kind of cupcakes for make for halloween this year.  i looked through pages and pages of google images of halloween cupcakes.  i thought maybe i’ll make some spider ones or maybe some ghost ones.  but they all seemed like a little too much work.  crazy coming from a person who makes other cupcakes with a gazillion steps.  still when it comes to decorating, i like to keep it simple.  finally, i saw a version of the googly eye purple cupcakes on pinterest and decided that would be the inspiration for my halloween cupcakes.

for this cupcake, i used a large round tip to pipe on a swirl of bright purple frosting.

then i used a few these wilton eye candies to make them look kind of monster-y.

candy corn is synonymous with halloween so i knew i had to make a candy corn cupcake.  i used the 1M tip to pipe orange frosting on the chocolate cupcake and then topped it with a couple pieces of candy corn.

one of my coworkers told me that the green cupcake reminds him of oscar the grouch.  haha.  i guess it’s kind of true.  i used a large french tip to pipe on bright green frosting and then added a couple candy eyes.

i thought these halloween cupcakes were super fun and i hope you do too.  they aren’t too complicated – just mix up a few different colors of frosting and add some candy eyes and candy corn.  i made the cupcakes and frosting from scratch but you can certainly use boxed cake mix and canned frosting to make this a super simple baking project.

to start, i baked up a batch of my favorite chocolate cupcakes.

then i spread some ganache on top of each cupcake to up the chocolateyness factor.  it is halloween after all – chocolate, candy, sweets galore.

now time to mix up the frosting.  i used my basic fluffy vanilla buttercream recipe.  i made 1 1/2 batches of the recipe to ensure i had enough.

divide the frosting into 3 different bowls.

i used gel food coloring to dye the frosting.  the gels are much more concentrated so it doesn’t water down the frosting.  you can get bold color with just a little bit of gel coloring.  perfect!  i got these from walmart in the baking/arts & crafts section but now a days you can find gel food coloring in the grocery store.

orange.  green.  purple.


add the frosting to 3 different pastry bags – one with each color.

a close up of the different tips.

then frost the cupcakes with the different colors.  i tried to do equal amounts of cupcakes with each color.

now decorate the cupcakes with the candy corn and candy eyes.  ta da!

happy (super belated) halloween!

now pin this post so you can make them next year :-)

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  1. Tony Di Buongrazio

     /  December 4, 2013

    They Look ONO!!!! This coming Spring/Summer look for my Hawaiian Plate Lunch Cart in Arlington. More to come. Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 16:39:42 +0000 To: cuoco@live.com


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